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ReAct Chemicals"The Science of Cleaning"

We have the technology available to us to help you clean virtually any surface.  Call us today! If you don’t see what your looking for on this site, we can formulate a product exclusively for you.


Here at ReAct we manufacture to a higher standard. We keep retains of products produced and Certificate of Analysis for raw materials purchased.


Founded in 2001



ReAct Chemicals is a manufacturer, formulator and co-packer of high quality cleaning and specialty products. We supply many areas of industry and are located in College Park Georgia.  ReAct Chemicals manufactures from a 5,000 square foot facility and boasts production capabilities of 7,000 gallons of formulated product per day. We can easily ramp up our production to double that based on ordering volume.

We cater to small volume runs as well as large ones using 4 different mixing tanks from 5 gallons to 1100 gallons and can fill 8oz bottles to 275 gallon Totes.  See more about us

We have 18 years of experience to give you better results.